A blog from a cyclist with issues

Many cyclists have various issues – quite apart from those associated with the bikes themselves – I have a few of my own (physical and health issues) and the aim of this blog is to show how I’ve tackled them.  I don’t intend this to be any form of definitive guide, more a collection  of tricks etc. I’ve found that worked for me.  The disclaimer is hinted at in the last sentence.  I cannot guarantee that my solutions will be valid for other folk.

If, however,  my experiences and issues prove to be of any use in helping others surmount their own problems or puzzles, or provide some inspiration to set them on their own paths, that’s great.  If not, feel free to sit back and chuckle at some of my misfortunes. After all, the pratfall is always funnier if it’s the other chap slipping on the banana skin.